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The Brief

Adrian Ward was looking for an update to his everyday workwear uniform to be branded with his logo. Adrian also asked for a few updates to the design of his logo.

The Result

Adrian was after a good quality jacket, gilet, and some round neck t-shirts. We suggested a Musto Blouson and gilet along with some round neck t-shirts for everyday wear. These items are hardwearing, smart and durable for wearing again and again.

We helped to make the updates to the existing logo. We supplied PDF visuals showing how the updated embroidery would look onto each of the garments selected. We feel that this stage is really important in helping to visualise how the finished product will look and the give the opportunity to make any changes to logo size, positioning, colour etc. After seeing the initial visuals, a few amendments to the logo were made and the clothing visuals were resupplied. Once the visuals had been signed off we created the embroidery disc and proceeded with embroidering the clothing. The whole process was completed within a couple of weeks.

We were delighted to see Adrian working in his new uniform, we think that it looks really smart and he is really pleased with the end product.

“Thank you, I'm really pleased with the end products - they look great!”

Adrian Ward
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