Hilton Herbs Promotional Giveaways

Hilton Herbs recently contacted bequestrian as they were after some promotional goodies to celebrate their 25th year in business. We supplied a range of promotional giveaways which were hoofpicks, balebusters and teddy bear keyrings with printed t-shirts. All of the items we supplied were in their corporate colours and branded with their Hilton Herbs logo.

Hilton Herbs were also after a zipped pouch which could be used for poo bags to give to their doggy customers. We had nothing like this within our standard range of products so we helped to create a bespoke manufactured product. As the pouches were made to order we could incorporate all of the features that were needed on the pouch including a metal clip, zip and easy clean PVC material. We think that the end product looked great!

As a little thank you Hilton Herbs sent us some of their Herballs Horse treats which the horses love!