Credit Card USBs

Printed USBs are a useful promotional product which your clients will keep and use time and time again. Credit Card USBs are just one of our unique USB styles that we are able to supply. This USB would be ideal to hand out at an equine event or conference as it’s thin and light body allow them to easily be slotted into a pocket or wallet containing all of your information for your clients.

The Credit Card USBs are suitable for companies with complex or full colour artwork. We can print all over the product in full colour, maximising your equine companies branding or message.

The USBs are available in memory sizes of 64mb all of the way upto a large 16Gb. We can upload data files upto 150mb free of charge onto the USBs so this can be utilised to add your companies brochure or information.

Please contact us if you’d like any further information.